Where can I buy Vutec™ Products?

Vutec™ products are sold to our many authorized Vutec distributions and dealers.


Does Vutec™ offer a warranty on their products?

Thank you for purchasing one of our high quality Projection Screens or ArtScreen Systems from Vutec! We are 100% committed to your satisfaction and welcome any feedback. Vutec products carry a 1-Year Warranty on parts and labor. Vision-X products carry a 5-Year warranty. All of our products carry a range of warranties. That’s what makes our products different from other competitors. We carry quality. To learn more about our warranty please go to our Warranty Page.


Where can I find customer support on Vutec™ products?

Vutec™ provides customer and technical support from 8am – 6pm EST Monday through Friday. Excluding holidays. Support range from expert telephone and email support to referral of qualified in home professional installers around the nation.


How much will I expect to pay?

Vutec™ comprises of four sub-brands. SilverStar™, Vision-X™, ArtScreen™ Systems, and Theater Art Systems™ are all under the Vutec parent brand. Every sub-brand will have a screen to fit your budget. From the most advanced Vision-X luxury Dyna-Curve screen to Vutec’s affordable drop-down screens.


What projection screen surface is right for me?

Vutec™ carries a wide range of projection screens varying in a wide array of gains and ambient light rejections. Please refer to the screen surfaces page to view the different of each screen that would match your lighting conditions in your room. Click Here to View Screen Surfaces.


How do I clean my Vutec™ projection screen?

Are your favorite projected movies showing some visual artifacts and imperfections you haven’t seen before? Or how about your projection screen is just showing signs of dirt, grime and dust when not in use? It may be time to think about cleaning your screen. Before you go to your household cleaning supplies, it is important to note that your screen surface is not just a fabric, but a material with special coatings. With several fabrics and surfaces available by different manufacturers, you should first contact your screen’s manufacturer for the proper cleanser and method.

Regardless of screen material, there are two major rules to follow when attempting to clean a projection screen: never use solvents or abrasive cleansers and never rub into the screen surface. 

Vutec has a complete line of front projection screens that complement the projector’s best image for any room environment. To achieve specific attributes of reflectiveness, color purity, contrast, flexibility and sound transparency, different materials, manufacturing techniques, and pigmenting are used for each screen type. Most of our screen surfaces – MatteWhite, BriteWhite, PearlBrite, GreyDove and SoundScreen – all use various blends of vinyl emulsions.

To clean these surfaces: 

  • Use a clean white cloth of a t-shirt material quality and a denatured alcohol.
  • Always apply the alcohol to the cloth first, never directly to the screen. It is best to work on the whole screen surface, not just problem areas to avoid uneven cleaning.
  • Use a very light sweeping motion as if dusting a table.
  • Be careful to not grind or polish the surface.
  • Always dry the surface with a dry towel or soft cloth. Otherwise, the product could leave a stain.
  • Do not clean the pain borders with any products. Use a lint remover or masking tape.

We also have a special Vu-Flex Pro white screen material that is internally tensioned and has a unique coating on which 50% Formula 409* cleaner and 50% water can be used instead of alcohol. * Formula 409 active components: alkyl (C12 40%, C14 50%, C16 10%), dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride (0.3%) and do not contain phosphorus) 

Rear Vu should be cleaned with a dry cloth or if necessary with Formula 409

To clean velvet surfaces, such as screens frames or masks, use a lint remover. (Backward masking tape works also as fine).

SilverStar should be cleaned using a light detergent in the method described above or simply water.

PrismaTec should be cleaned only with water.

To review, the constant themes when cleaning a projection screen are:

  • Use the recommended cleaning solution for the surface
  • Never use solvents or abrasives
  • Apply cleanser to rag first, never directly to the screen
  • Lightly wipe the entire screen surface, long motions
  • Never rub into the screen


What is a SoundScreen?

Vutec prides itself in offering you the best acoustic sound screen. You are probably wondering what a SoundScreen is. It is a acoustically transparent screen that has the ability to allow sound to pass through them giving you the ability to place your speakers directly behind the screen. We offer SoundScreen, GreyDove SoundScreen, Black Leader SoundScreen and our Perforated Leader. Click Here to View Screen Surfaces.


What if my motorized screen is not linking or the motor is “jammed” or not working.

STEP ONE – Un-plug the unit for 5 seconds. Plug the unit for 10 seconds. Un-plug the unit for 2 seconds. Plug the unit and immediately hold the push program button from back of the remote with a paper clip or similar tool until the screen jogs (respond) up and down once. *If this proves unsuccessful, try two more times. The plug and unplug sequence must be accurate. Use a watch with a second hand.

STEP TWO – If the screen still is not linking: Un-plug the unit for 5 seconds. Plug the unit for 15 seconds. Un-plug the unit for 5 seconds. Plug the unit and immediately hold the push program button from back of the remote with a paper clip or similar tool until the screen jogs (respond) up and down once.*If this proves unsuccessful, try two more times. The plug and unplug sequence must be accurate. Use a watch with a second hand.

STEP THREE – Check if the button light is turning on when any button of the control is pressed. If not, change the batteries of the remote.

STEP FOUR – Check for interference then move the unit to another location and try to reset again.

STEP FIVE – If after trying all the above and the screen still is not linking provide Vutec with your purchase order number or our sales order number located on the inside of the left end cap of the housing and we will send a replacement motor with a remote.

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