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Choose form our wide range of award-winning screen surfaces. Click the button below to request a FREE  SAMPLE.

Vutec™ provides a wide selection of screen surfaces made to enhance your screen and viewing environments. Take a look at the high-quality true to scale swatches below.

Front Projection

SilverStar SST2

Silverstar Active™

Gain: 2.2
Seamless (in): 71″
Features: Ultra HD projector screen surface; high-gain, high contrast and color purity in ambient light.
ISF Certified: Yes

Silverstar Passive™

Gain: 3.0
Seamless (in): 71″
Features: Ultra HD projector screen surface; high-gain, high contrast and color purity in ambient light.

MatteWhite 1

MatteWhite (MW)

Gain: 1
Seamless (in): 120″
Features: Standard pure white fiberglass reinforced vinyl includes a blackout back.

MatteGrey 1

MatteGrey (MG)

Gain: 0.95
Seamless (in): 120″
Features: Standard light grey fiberglass reinforced vinyl includes a blackout back. For Elegante products only.


BriteWhite (BW)

Gain: 1.1
Seamless (in): 140″
Features: Enhanced white finish that adds reflective brightness. This material must be under tension.
ISF Certified: Yes

BriteWhite Opaque

BriteWhite Opaque (BO)

Gain: 1.3
Seamless (in): 120″
Features: Enhanced white finish with reflective brightness. Requires tab-tensioning in retractable configurations.

SoundScreen 2020

SoundScreen 20/20 (S2)

Gain: 1.0
Seamless (in): 116″
Features: Acoustically transparent surface with virtually no sound loss and sharp image quality, for an optimum realistic sound its specially designed weave pattern allow sound to smoothly pass through the screen material.

SoundScreen (SS)

Gain: 0.8
Seamless (in): 115″
Features: Award-winning acoustically transparent surface; durable vinyl coated woven surface. Hangs flat, curl-free and eliminates need for tab-tensioning.

GreyDove SoundScreen (GS)

Gain: 0.6
Seamless (in): 115″
Features: Acoustically transparent grey surface with maximum sound transmission for all HD projection technologies.

Vu Flex Pro 1 copy

Vu-Flex Pro (PR)

Gain: 1.3
Seamless (in): 155″
Features: Enchanced white coated surface is a heavyweight surface with curl-free characteristics.


GreyDove (GD)

Gain: 0.95
Seamless (in): 120″
Features: Tab-tensioned, grey vinyl surface.

Rear Projection

Rear Vu 1

Rear-Vu (RV)

Gain: 2.5
Seamless (in): 120″
Features:  Soft tensioned rear screen surface with ambient light rejection.

High Contrast Rear Vu

High Contrast Rear-Vu (RV)

Gain: 0.7
Seamless (in): 120″
Features: Tensioned rear screen surface; increases image contrast and works well with short-throw projectors.

Other Surfaces

Black SoundScreen Liner

Black SoundScreen

Features: Used as liner behind standard sound screen to increase black levels. Helps mask speakers behind.

Screen Surfaces Comparison

SoundScreen Info. Sheet

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