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Retracta-Vu Pro Traveller

Portable Motorized Rising Arm Screen on Wheels

Retracta-Vu Pro Traveller™ includes Vutec’s award-winning patented motorized rising screen. It is a self contained, precision engineered, rising screen adaptable for any venue. Simply roll into place, plug-in, and use the switch to deploy the screen from the case. This amazing product features a self contained rising screen that does not require assembly. The product has easy portability as well as a leader which is measured from the base of the unit up to the bottom of the viewing area. Simple control operation plus socket & Manual-Toggle switch control included. Also available in 2.40:1 format with a 1 year warranty.

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SCREEN TYPE:  Transportable Motorized Screen *Larger Sizes have Outriggers for Stability
CONTROLS:  Hardwired Switch
OPTIONAL:  Retract-Vu Pro Traveller Projector Lift


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Retracta-Vu Projector Lift

Portable Motorized Rising Projector Lift on Wheels

Retracta-Vu Projector lift™ is an all in one solution, designed for the rental & staging market, providing instant installation with no assembly required. Simply roll into place, connect to a power outlet, and deploy up to 10’. This product is a self contained scissor lift system that will raise the projector to the desired height. The quiet electric lift and tilt system will align the projector to the projection screen. Safeguards the projector and lift within case during transport. The case provides dust free protected storage.

LIFT TYPE:  Transportable Projector Lift
HEIGHT:  84” or 120”
INCLUDES:  Projector Angle Adjustment
LIFTING CAPACITY:  200 – 600lbs.
A/V FLIGHT CASE:  Custom-made Heavy Duty Steel Construction with Outriggers
WHEELS:  Heavy Duty
LIFT FUNCTION:  Smooth, easily height adjusted with a wired pendant remote control


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