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Retracta-Vu Pro Traveller

Transportable Motorized Rising Arm Screen on Wheels

Retracta-Vu Pro Traveller™ includes Vutec’s award-winning patented motorized rising screen. It is a self contained, precision engineered, rising screen adaptable for any venue. Simply roll into place, plug-in, and use the switch to deploy the screen from the case. This amazing product features a self contained rising screen that does not require assembly. The product has easy portability as well as a leader which is measured from the base of the unit up to the bottom of the viewing area. Simple control operation plus socket & Manual-Toggle switch control included. Also available in 2.40:1 format with a 1 year warranty.

Portable Screen Options

SCREEN TYPE:  Transportable Motorized Screen *Larger Sizes have Outriggers for Stability
CONTROLS:  Hardwired Switch
OPTIONAL:  Retract-Vu Pro Traveller Projector Lift

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