Al Sorenson

Al Sorenson has become one of the pre eminent sports artists on the market today. Painting professionally since the 1990’s, Al has spent years practicing and perfecting his technique.
A former college basketball player and art enthusiast, Al has had no formal training. Al has taken his competitive spirit and transferred it into each of his works. Mesmerized by Leroy Neiman paintings as a child, Al has captured the essence of Mr. Neiman but added his own personal touches to create a unique style of impressionism. 

Using vivid colors to play on one’s senses, while not straying from detail, the individual becomes immersedin a sea of emotion and drawn into the painting itself. Whether a still life or action scene, you feel as if you are a part of each painting.

Besides painting on canvas, Mr. Sorenson’s has created one of kind impressionistic creations on jerseys, balls and helmets which no one in the industry can match. His style is truly unique.

Al’s works have been seen throughout the country in a number of galleries, museums, television ads, and dozens of major retail outlets on the internet. His paintings are highly sought after by collectors and professional athletes alike.

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