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Silverstar Curve - Dedicated Fixed Curve Projector Screen

Exclusive To Vutec HD - 2D - 3D Superior Performance ALR and ACP

SilverstarCurve (Active technology) is Vutec’s award winning 3D + 2D + HD in one optimal projector screen.

SilverstarCurve is engineered for use with anamorphic lens or projectors with lens memory.  This projectors screen is a native 2.35:1 format for full dynamic theater viewing of all movies in super-wide CinemaScope format. 

SilverstarCurve provides a true cinematic experience.

Silverstar™  is  a technologically advanced designer projector screen that comes with a hand-crafted fixed frame and is luxuriously finished in plush, black velvet for permanent mounting in home theater applications.  The 3 1/4″ beveled edge frame is a dedicated fixed curve and  enhances SilverstarCurve elegance.

Silverstar features Accurate Color Panoptics, the way a director of a film would want you to see his film in its true vibrant color form.  Ambient Light Reflective technology included in the Silverstar range of projector screens.

This state-of the art technology increases color saturation while expanding contrast in controlled or uncontrolled lighting environments.

Viewed with and without 3D Glasses, the performance of this projector screen is second to none in the industry.

Image brightness loss from viewing through 3D glasses diminishes approximately 50%. This is created by the polarization process that is creating the 3D effect.

By utilizing SilverStar™ SSC Curve, the viewer will reclaim light loss to produce a brighter more vivid 3D viewing experience.

This screen can be multiplexed for large theaters.

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Featuring a high performance surface.

Silverstar: A Vutec preferred surface. A true HD fixed front projector screen surface achieves high-gain, high contract and color purity in ambient light.  Silverstar can be multi-plexed for larger sizes. Active 2.2 Gain Passive 3.0 Gain

Silverstar format Curve

FINISH*:  Active (2.2 Gain, ISF Certified, Rigid Surface). Passive (3.0 Gain, Rigid Surface).
FINISHED FRAME:  Extruded 3 1/4″ Black Velvet Frame
OPTIONS:  Adjustable Tubular Stand Legs

*Silverstar Active is only suitable for 2D and 3D DLP Projection Technology
*Silverstar Passive is suitable for 2D and 3D LCD Projection Technology
*Silverstar Passive may require custom settings for 2D and 3D

Silverstar Curve Fabric
Silverstar Curve Room

Projected Image & Frame Features

The Silverstar Curve is a HD + 2D & 3D screen all in one.  The most advanced and optimal patented Award-winner projector screen available.  

This revolutionary high  Active 2.2 Gain  or Passive 3.0 Gain ISF Certified projector screen delivers the ultimate in picture quality, vivid colors, high contrast and a wide viewing area to produce an outstanding cinematic experience.

The Silverstar Curve’s Passive option is a comprehensive screen in truly a class by itself.  Delivering the ultimate in picture quality, providing high brightness, vivid colors ultra high gain, high contrast and a wide viewing area.  The passive is the screen of choice for a true cinematic experience.  Request it specifically over the active if this is your choice of projector screen surface.

The Silverstar Curve’s superior performance begins with its innovative, patented metallic base technology to provide the ultimate performance.  This state-of-the art technology increases color saturation while expanding contrast in controlled or uncontrolled lighting environments. 

The Silverstar Curve has superior ambient light rejection while delivering high contrast and vivid colors providing outstanding color reproduction.

Featuring an extruded 5 1/4″ black velvet beveled Aluminum  finished frame, surrounding a rigid wall mounted surface. This is an easy to assemble projector screen

Options include tubular stand legs.

Screen sizes and Aspect Ratios

Available in a range of sizes from

  • 115″ up to 181″ in 2.35:1 format.

If you are looking for a 4:3 format, send us an email to request details.

Silverstar Curve
Silverstar Curve Angle

Screen Options

Wall mounted.

Great Screen For

The Silverstar Curve is perfect for a home theater or large theaters.  With unsurpassed versatility, it is the screen of choice for home theater systems, retail displays, command and control, worship and educational venues.  

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Made In The USA – Coral Springs, Florida.

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